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From Reduction to Pop-Art

From Reduction to Pop-Art

An essential and important element of Wanda Antz’ homage to Africa is the collage of everyday items, found as leftovers or discovered while in use and hands of the people she encounters on her travels:

Discarded furniture or tools, fabrics, bicycle tubes, bitumen sheeting, even plant seeds –everything might be of value and use for her art. As  it is custom in many African cultures to recycle items and give them a new meaning, Wanda Antz applies this experience to her work. The triviality  provokes the artist to play, to try out and to dedicate an unprejudiced attention to it. The “Hocker” (The Stools) or the “Straßenstücke” (Road Pieces), both from 2008, are examples for this quality. Thus, an art arises full of humor and grace.

Dr. Ruth Lang, author
14th of July 2009, Cologne