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Homage to Africa

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Homage to Africa

Applying the same means as in her „European“ art work, Wanda Antz processes her visual impressions of Africa.  They do not come from systematic observation or the search for the exotic but from spontaneous openness and even affection.

Her African inspired art is not a simple adoption of the foreign and the new, but a homage to African life that embraces light, colour, diversity, movement and silence. Part of Wanda Antz’ minimalistic approach is a severity that leaves no room for the merely decorative. Thus, a very particular verism is being developed that  sets limits to the abstraction of the forms and achieves marvellous results based on the tension between these two principles of work: “Schläfer im Boot” (Boatsleeper), “Der Ahnenvogel”  (Ancestor-Bird), “Pirogge Mopti”, “Tita”, “Bozo”

Dr. Ruth Lang, author
14th of July 2009, Cologne