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The artist Wanda Antz lives and works in Longerich, a north-western part of the city of Cologne. A dissolved nunnery of the late 19th century accommodates her workshop, stores, and living quarters. Like the quaint garden surrounding the old brick building, the convent’s staircase, rooms, and particularly the old chapel provide a marvellously appropriate first habitat for Wanda Antz’ sculptures. The visitor experiences a temporary “Gesamtkunstwerk”. The stairs and walls as well as the various locations in the convent garden change in character whenever old sculptures are replaced for new ones.

The surrounding designed by Wanda Antz is a mixture of all traces and elements that are characteristic for her artistic work: the liberal middle-class upbringing, thorough education paired with curiosity and a love for experiments,  to employ new materials, to adopt foreign techniques, to accept challenges, but also to cross borders in a geographical sense. The easiness in access to the traditional form language of classic modernity and the impartiality with which she makes use of contemporary art styles without submitting to them.

Dr. Ruth Lang, author
14th of July 2009, Cologne