Folding Table "Kuku" Iten, Kenia 2018, 26x19x15 inch., photoacryl, no. 3/3

Folding Table"FishChips"LakeViktoria,"Chipsi"Randago,Kenia 2018,photoacryl

Folding Table "More to Come", Teryia Bougou, Mali, photoacryl, 2018

Motive "Three of a Kind", Hoima, Uganda, 2018

Motive "Kitchen Idyll", Hoima, Uganda 2018

Motive "The Soup", Moshi, Tanzania 2018

Motive "Matoke", Iten, Kenya 2018

Motive "Mandasi", Iten, Kenya 2018, photoacryl

Motive "To every Pot", Market, Uganda 2018, photoacryl

Motive "There is a Lid", Market, Uganda 2018, photoacryl

Motive "Achtung Heiss", Market, Uganda 2018, photoacryl

Motive "Beans and Beans", Nakapiripirit, Uganda 2018, photoacryl

Motive "Chili", Kilimangu, Tanzania 2018, photoacryl

Motive "Cashew" Pelengana, Mali 2018, photoacryl

Motive "Tea for Two", Markala, Mali 2018, photoacryl

Off we go, h 18,1 inch., Ø 24,8 inch., 2009, tyre, iron truck

From A to Z, Light Object, 2010, h 50.8 x w 23.6 x d 5.9 inches

Sunny sweeper, Ø 19.7 inches, 2010

Chair Frida Kahlo, h 52.76 x w 15.75 x d 15.75 inches, 2004, findings

Route Neuf - detail, h 86.61 x w 10.24 x d 3.94 inch., 2008, findings on wood

Route Neuf - detail

Route Neuf - detail

Waterbag, h 19.69 x w 15.75 x d 7.87 inch., 2009, photos sewed on tube